The Keystone

Escaping Lemrujase

Approximate Date: Spring, 600 B.C.


Stanching Armor Ojitar Near Pool of Siloam Found on body of Butcher
Gloaming Shroud Raeya Near Pool of Siloam Found on body of Butcher

Tatsuya strides forward to one of the thugs and stabs his sword into the air, chanting and causing fire to envelope his blade. Then he spins his sword so fast it blurs and swings it into the side of the thug cutting him down where he stands. One of the thugs next to Cassia swings at Cassia, but it scrapes off her armor as she dodges it. Then the thug next to Saar attacks him but Saar is too swift for him and evades the attack. Cassia attacks a thug near Tatsuya and Saar with a thought bomb and hurts the two as well causing them to be wary of her. A watchman slugged Raeya in the face causing her to stumble backwards and and her nose started bleeding. Ojitar hacks down at his foe, but the man catches his axe on his sheild protecting himself from the Ojitar. Ogon Pounces at the thug who is advancing on Raeya and takes a large bite out of the man’s calf. Von looks over to Saar and sees him limping and whispers a prayer to Bahamut causing a beacon of light to fall onto Saar healing him. Tatsuya grabs a foe and pulls him close with his magical power and charges his sword with electric power and bringing it down onto the thugs shoulder effectively jolting him. Cassia stares at them with disbelief now as they continue to fight not understanding why they don’t flee, and calls upon them to run before it’s too late! Ojitar spins his greataxe overhead and smashes it into The final thug’s head defeating him. They cheer (except Cassia who has grabbed a potion from a persons side and is now urging them to run) and Ojitar takes his time gathering weapons and armor.

As they turned to run they look behind them, except Raeya, has yet to discover that the towering mercenary chasing them, easily catching up to them, is Krayd the Butcher. Ojitar takes a deep breath and sprays acid all over Krayd who screams in pain more than anger. Then he backs off to make more room to fight Krayd. Krayd bounds up to Tatsuya with three short strides and kicks at him which Tatsuya dodges, but too late Tatsuya sees it’s a diversion as the beast brings his greataxe down on his head knocking him unconcious! Saar runs to closer to Cassia and shouts for the potion which she tosses to him, and then he rushes back to Raeya giving the potion to her. She then administers the potion to the poor Tatsuya. She turns and marks Krayd and then attacks him using Guardian Arrow challenging him to dare make a move against someone else. Cassia puts her hands to her temples and begins chanting under her breath and Krayd Gets hit by some invisible force. He suddenly clutches his head and moans “Get out of my head witch!! Take those rainbows and unicorns and leave!” Von throws his healing magic over Tatsuya bringing his health back up. Then he casts a magic net over Krayd, Saar and Raeya healing his two allies and weakening the attacks of Krayd. Ojitar tries to jump into the back of the cart, but acrobatics is not his strong point and he trips and lands on his face. Then he stands, brushing himself off, as though he meant to do it. Krayd steps between Saar and Tatsuya and spins in a circle, hitting each of us with his axe. Raeya growls in anger and shoots an arrow at him but misses. Tatsuya begins swinging hs sword around in a fabulous display of his swordsmanship and then while Krayd is distracted by the psychic power he stabs Krayd in the gut. Then he pulls away. Saar smashes his sword into him repetitively and rushes off. Raeya pulls another arrow to her drawstring and embeds an arrow into Krayds shoulder. Cassia’s thought bomb goes off again and hits just Krayd this time, and then sends a cascading strike into his head missing him with the first but hitting him with the next.

As Krayd lays on the ground dying, he laughs telling the “rats to run, because there are 5 more mercenaries just like him hunting them.” Then, with a gurgle, he dies. Cassia gives the group a look as it so say “I told you so.” Raeya picks up on the hint and suggests that they escape through the sewers. The fighter, feels fear from his past creeping up, refuses to enter the sewer where there might be rats. The psion rolls her eyes and then gives Saar a mental push, knocking him into the sewers, head first. Raeya giggles and flips down into the sewers, with the utmost grace.



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