The Keystone

Into the Sewers 1

Approximate Date: Spring, 600 B.C.


Circlet of Second Chances Cassia Sewer Section 1 In rat’s nest

After landing in the sewers Cassia notices some light filtering in from the grate and insists that they close it so no one can follow them. As they walk through the sewers Ojitar picks up a dead rat. Chuckling to himself he tiptoes up behind Saar, who with his training in stealth, rolls his eyes and turns to look at Ojitar and remind him that stealth isn’t his specialty, only to see a rat in his face! He roars in fear and anger and strikes out at Ojitar with a fist. Ojitar laughs and shakes it off then scampers away further into the sewers so as to avoid further punishment for his prank. Raeya sighs and exclaims she never gets lost and the others agree with her, so she says she’s the best candidate to go after him. She chases after him and the rest of the group waits… and waits, and waits. Finally they decide to continue to walk through the sewers, hoping the other two will catch up. Everyone, especially Cassia tries to calm the panicking Saar who’s finding rats in every shadow (even his own tee hee).

As the group continues through the sewers, following Cassia’s directions, they all begin to wonder why Raeya and Ojitar haven’t caught up. In the darkness, left with their own thoughts, the group each comes up with their own explanations. Tatsuya imagines Oji sneaking up on the Ranger to play the same prank. Saar fears that Oji might somehow be molesting his protege. Von imagines Oji trying to get “fresh” with Raeya and her smacking him good. Cassia imagines all of the things one can do in the dark (Insert evil laughter here).

When Ojitar and Raeya disappear into the sewers together imaginations run rampant.

Finally, the small tunnels open up into a larger room, and the group is attacked by rats and some Kobolds. Since Tatsuya knows that Kobolds revere dragons, and he has served a dragon, he decides to speak to the small lizard-men. He tells them they’re on the same side and asks if they can pass. The Kobold asks for gold, so Tatsuya gives him a little and the small lizard and his companions leave. The group only has to fight off the rats.



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