The Keystone

Out of Lemrujase

Approximate Date: Spring, 600 B.C.



((Mason will write the first part))

The next evening as the group was waking up and eating rations for “breakfast”, their guide sat down on a nearby rock and told them she would do her best to answer their questions. First off, she thanked them for following Cassia out of Lemrujase as their god had wanted them too. All of this was part of the One God’s plan. Saar stopped her there and asked her who this one god was? She explained that he was the only true God and in the old tongue, His name was Elohim. Von seemed a little offended at this and asked how she could make such a claim. The guide pointed out that he was a follower of Bahamut (Saar chimed in that he and Tatsuya were too), but that in the old language Bahamut was known as Jehovah, the son of God. Raeya was also getting offended and sarcastically asked if she meant to tell them that their gods were false? The guide explained that no, but they had been slightly misled this whole time. Ojitar said that it was convenient that she could just come along and tell them all of this, but there was no proof. The guide took a deep breath and then launched into her explanation. For many years now, the prophets have come to the Hebrews teaching them to turn from their wicked ways or else their city would be destroyed and they would be taken into captivity. This was the same God who had freed them from captivity in Egypt, led them safely across the Red Sea, and helped them to take and settle their promised land. These were the same people who were stoning and killing their prophets. Recently, a couple of prophets had been working very hard to preach these same things, but they were being ignored… and the destruction of Lemrujase was her proof that God’s warnings were coming true (See 2 Nephi 25:10, Omni 1:15). Saar remembered hearing a prophet by the name of Jeremiah preaching around the city, and the guide told him that there had been another who had recently left with his family as well by the name of Lehi (See 1 Nephi 1:4, 13).

The guide then pointed out that no one had ever asked Cassia why she was doing any of this? She told the group that both she and Cassia were part of an organization known as the Templars who work hard to uphold the edicts of God. What most of them didn’t know was that while Laban was slain and the Brass Plates stolen from his household, others had used this distraction to make off with other records. Cassia had been placed in the House of Laban to prevent this, but even she could not have foreseen the chaos of that night. A cult known as the Secret Cabal of Cain knew that the House of Laban was known as the “record keepers” of lore and history and they sent an operative into the house to steal the Secret Combinations of Cain, records detailing the evil secrets that Cain agreed to when he agreed to follow Lucifer, the Deceiver. With these secrets, the cult plans to spread darkness across the land, awakening the Secret Combinations of old. Ojitar asked why more people didn’t know about these records, maybe if more people knew, they could better fight against them. The guide took an exasperated breath and explained that the very nature of these records only lead men to corruption and evil deeds. The Natural Man could not be trusted with teachings so wicked. They would take root in the heart of man and spread wickedness and destruction faster than it could be rooted out. It would mean the end of everything good. The prophets also foretold that your group would somehow be able to stop the spreading of this darkness. Cassia seems to think that you all are too young and inexperienced, but I have faith that our leaders knew what they were talking about.

Cassia seemed to be in a hurry to move on before the mercenaries could track them and upon hearing the name of the Cabal who had imprisoned her for many years, Raeya was quick to join her. Something had been bothering Von this whole time, and he reached into his pouch and put on the ring that his beloved had given him. Looking her straight in the eye, he asked her if she recognized it? The guide couldn’t hold his gaze and quickly turned back to the rest of the group, if there are no more questions, we should ride hard to hunt down the Cabal’s secret hideout in the Hebron Mountains before they can follow through with their plans. But Von wouldn’t stop staring at her. Raeya interjected that she wanted to go and wanted to go now, but Saar counseled her against this road of vengeance. She told him that she had vowed long ago that if she ever found the Cult again, she would see them all hang by their own intestines, mounted her horse and rode out of camp. Cassia was quick to follow. Von wouldn’t stop staring at their guide as she too mounted up. Finally, she looked at him and whispered that yes, she remembered the ring, but this was not the time or the place. Her duty came before her personal feelings and he would just have to respect that.

((Mason can then finish the rest of this.))



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