Belyi Ogon

White wolf companion to Raeya; gentle and playful, but not afraid to rip your throat out.


14 STR
14 CON
14 DEX
14 WIS
22 HP
15 AC


Saved by Raeya as a pup, 4-year-old Belyi Ogon (usually referred to as Ogon) is a loyal and protective companion. He helps Raeya hunt during the day and guards her at night as she snuggles into his fur. He hates it when she goes into the city without him, even though it may cause a stir if he is there, so he races through the forest until he smells her coming back. He is a playful and loving creature, with bright blue eyes and a soft white coat. He loves to hunt bucks, chase his tale, laze about in the shade, and gnaw on Raeya’s boots when she thinks he doesn’t know she’s off bounding through the forest. He also loves to bite at the flames of Raeya’s fires; well, he does until his noes gets burned, anyway.

Ogon is highly protective of Raeya. If he doesn’t know you, then he won’t let you near her; at least, until she tells him to back off. After that, he’ll most likely try to get her attention and make her laugh or try to get her to play with him. Sometimes, he just takes a nap.

Raeya has finally decided to bring Ogon into Lemrujase with her, since it may be her last venture into the great city.

Belyi Ogon

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