Vampiric Satanic Creature


Varis Qayin tricked Anwen into trying to mate with Saar Tempest, with the lie that doing so would finally resurrect the dead dragon god, Io. Instead, he lured the two dragonborn onto a rune inscribed alter, and when they were lying atop one another, he stabbed them through with a ritualistic blade. The evil priest hoped to use the tortured deaths, and unfulfilled love of these two beings to power his unholy spell to create a demon dragon, under his control.

At the last moment, Anwen moved, saving Saar’s heart from being pierced like hers. Nonetheless, their “blood” poured out freely, combining in the pentagram blood trough beneath their bodies. Nearby priests then continued the satanic spell, taking the blood and working to combine it with “fire” from hell and magic.

Fortunately, the spell was interrupted before it could be completed, but nonetheless, enough satanic energy had imbued the blood and fire to create a serpent-like, vampiric being, which escaped capture.

This vampiric creature is growing in power every moment that it is free to roam and steal life-energy from the living. It’s full extent of powers are unknown, but it seems like it will be a force to be reckoned with.



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