Raeya Lamech

A half-elf ranger with a white wolf companion and a whole lotta attitude. ;)


18 STR
12 CON
14 DEX
10 INT
11 WIS
10 CHA
24 HP
14 AC


When Raeya was but 4 years old, she jumped in the wagon with “stranger danger”, not realizing that the kind man who offered her treats and goodies intended to take her away from her parents, Heian and Avamia . She was taken to a strange underground complex, cut into a mountain; there she learned that her captor’s name was Varis, and that he and his strange cult were kidnapping people all over the place. She was a servant to the Secret Cabal of Cain for the time that she lived there with the other abductees, but was fortunate enough to have been treated well. At various odd times, they would extract blood from her for strange rituals, following which she’d be given a few days to rest from her duties. She never knew what they were doing with her and the others’ blood, but it bothered her immensely. The cultists frightened her, with their mysterious black cloaks and their faces kept hidden from each other. While she was there, there was a female that was always kind to the servants; Raeya never learned her name, but was always fond of her. This woman always treated Raeya like a daughter, and one night decided to help set the girl free. As she snuck Raeya through the main gates, the guards spotted the woman and killed her on site. Raeya got out without detection, but she took the woman’s death to heart, feeling that her blood was on her hands.

Because her naivety and trusting nature allowed her to be captured in the first place, Raeya vowed she would never let such foolishness get in the way of her safety ever again; henceforth, her ability to trust others dwindled into all but nothingness. She would not, however, let the teachings of her parents die, and so she refused to stoop to thievery to survive. Unfortunately, being not a day over 5 years, she had no experience fending for herself, and since the complex she’d escaped was many weeks travel away from civilization on foot, she was practically starved to death when she happened upon the home of a Dragonborn family of Clan Tempest. They took her in and nurtured her back to health, and one in particular, named Saar, looked after her. She grew fond of him and even ventured enough to affectionately call him “Dragonface,” or “Face” for short. He began to teach her how to hunt; she had a pariticular knack for the bow and arrow, and so he gave her a set of her own. Unfortunately, the Tempest clan was invaded by rats, and because she was there, Saar had to choose between her and his family, and was marked dishonored when it resulted in the death of his entire clan. She would never look down on Saar for his brand in society, but the annihilation of the clan shook her core. Taking the blame of their deaths and his dishonored brand on herself, she left to prevent causing anyone else harm. She then began her quest to find her family once again and to strengthen herself to take on Varis and the Cabal.

She took to living in the forest, her olive skin and dark green hair helping her blend into her surroundings. She began hunting animals and the picking of herbs and plants for either meal or for trade in nearby cities, frequenting mainly to Lemrujase. Working solely with butchers and alchemists for several years, she began to lose the desire to be around people; she soon enjoyed being in the wilderness far more than being cooped up in a large city and its claustrophobic streets. Every so often, she came into the city to glean any information she could about the whereabouts of the SCC or if anyone had heard of her family before, with little to no luck.

She longed for any companionship, but knew she could not trust humanity enough to find it among men. So saying, she was stubborn to have her way and acted mainly on instinct and impulse, relying on her heart rather than on logic. For example, she was hunting one day in the forest (about 16 years of age), when she heard a ferocious roar. She silently raced through the forest, following the sound of the uproar, and came to a clearing where she found a gruesome sight. A great grizzly was on the rampage, and a poor white wolf fought desperately to defend her young, but only one remained alive. Without thinking of anything but the mama and her pup, Raeya shot an arrow straight through the heart of the bear, and rushed to the dying wolf. The mama wolf indicated that she wanted Raeya to protect her last baby. To show her commitment, Raeya picked up the young pup and cradled him in her arms. Satisfied, the mama wolf died. Raeya took the pup into her care, and in time, they grew very fond of each other. Finally, she had a companion to share those cold, lonely nights with. She noticed that he had a bright and energetic personality, so she named him Belyi Ogon , meaning “White Fire,” and usually shortens it to simply Ogon. He is Raeya’s only friend, and so she is very protective of him. He also is protective of her, though usually a gentle and playful creature. He too does not give out his trust easily.

Raeya still, in many ways, has not fully grown up. Simple things amuse and delight her, and she is most easily mesmerized by bright and colorful cloths or shiny things, bobbits and knick-knacks and even buttons; she also fancies the written word. She keeps a collection of the things she finds lying ownerless in the forest or what catches her eye in the market, and sometimes she leaves the city emptyhanded of supplies or food, but instead wealthy of trinkets and books and such. She also loves to dance and sing, but is too modest to do so in front of any soul, even Ogon. She waits until she has a moment of solitude, and then sings softly to the birds and dances barefooted on the soil of the earth. When she isn’t hunting or going to the city, she likes to climb the trees of her forest and spend many long hours pouring over her books, or laying by the river and soaking in the sun and Ogon lay lazily in the shade.

Raeya is now 20 years old and must finally decide if she’s going to hunt down Varis and his horrible clan, or if she will search the globe for her family. She has come into the city one final time to trade and barter meat and herbs, and deciding which road to take in her life when the story begins…

Raeya Lamech

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