Saar Tempest

This dragonborn fights as a warden. His world has been thrown into chaos with the discovery of Anwen's betrayal and the truth behind his past.


17 Str
16 Con
14 Dex
10 Int
10 Wis
11 Cha

14 AC
31 HP
6 Speed
+2 Init

Weapons: Main-hand Thundering Broadsword Off-hand Heavy Sheild

Armor: Hide -1 Speed


He comes from the outskirts of the city of Gilead-Ramoth, a city close to Lemrujase, his clan was named Tempest (tentative; Jeff and I haven’t come up with a better name yet). He always wanted to leave the clan to adventure the world. His parents raised him with the idea to protect others, particularly his father whom he adored and looked up to. He excelled in swordfighting and sheild-bashing as he trained in the art of war,and his mother taught him respect for she-folk and to treat them honourably just like his enemies in battle.

The quieter of the twins, he more commonly sat back and listened as his brother planned the games with their friends, staying out of the limelight. He is a quiet dragonborn who doesn’t get involved in debates over where to go, in fact the only orders he has trouble following is in attacking rats; since he was scarred by an attack from a rat horde that decimated his clan about 7 years following his coming of age. He and his parents had taken in a very young half-elf by the name of Raeya Lamech and Saar had begun teaching her to hunt with the bow and arrow when suddenly a rat horde had attacked, seemingly out of nowhere. He panicked not sure whether to save the girl or his clan and after several moments of intense freezing, he grabbed Raeya, threw her over his shoulder and took off into the forest. He then, after being dishonored, taught Raeya how to fight and protect herself in the wild. Soon not even a year later they seperated, and Saar began to drown in his sorrow. He and his brother Tatsuyu were the only two dragonborn who survived and Saar is the only one who survived the actual attack since Tatsuyu was away training under a dragon. Speculation also remains about Saar’s close friend and confĂ­dante Anwen. A beautiful silver creature, she set out from Gilead-Ramoth a few years previous to the rat attack, to test her Paladin skills and because she had a vision from Bahamut to perform a special mission for him. Unbeknownst to him, she was in love with him and it wasn’t until after his clan was destroyed that he discovered he loved her too, but recent news from an unknown source told him she was long dead.

Due to his dishonorable fleeing of the rats and leaving his clan to die, another nearby clan banished him, branding him as a dishonorable traitor to his kind. He has a brand-mark of dishonor on his left breast. Following this he wandered the countryside in a state of depression, fighting off both the monsters in the world and the demons within, until Tatsuya found him in Leheb-Meth and nursed his spirit back to it’s former self. The only time Saar felt the least bit good about himself was when he rescued an elven woman from a wicked man beant on harm to her and sent the man packing. The woman’s friend and the woman thanked him gratefully and asked what he should do to repay him. He said: “Do nothing for me but serve the God Bahamut who demands justice.” They wandered the cities near Lemrujase, taking jobs here and there. This was difficult due to the brand he had, but eventually they found themselves under employment as bodyguards for the govorner. Tatsuya showed great strength of character and loyalty staying with Saar for so many years. Saar hopes to regain his honor by saving others through his death or by resurrecting Io the great dragon-god.

Stormbiter Warblade (hehe gotta love lightning powers)
Stormbolt weapon (Spear) Longranged lightning is awesome
Sandals of precise stepping (+2 to both my athletics and stealth)
Strikebacks (yay I can attack if they attack first!)
Dragonscale shield (This is just awesome)
Resplendant cloak (it’s awesome)
Helm of stubborm mind
Muleback Harness
Ruby Scabbard
Shroud of Protection
Horn of summons (or a watchers horn)
*Fortune Stones
*Rings of the Akarot

Saar Tempest

The Keystone Dracon