Von Qayin

An elven cleric of the dragon-God Bahamut, who seeks to reunite with his family and his lost, beautiful elf-maiden.


10 STR
10 CON
12 DEX
10 INT
18 WIS
16 CHA
22 HP
16 AC


Born in a forest near the Carchemish, Von spent most of his life with his family in a small elven village. He was always a hard worker and looked to his uncle, Varis (as leader of his village), for guidance and help because his father, Rolen, was killed by an unknown enemy when Von was still very young. He had always admired his uncle as a great warrior and protector of the village and one day wished he would be able to defend his loved ones like his uncle did even though he really only excelled in archery and in simple melee weapons. In the art of battle, his uncle taught him to wait for his enemies to make the first move and then for him to strike with speed and accuracy. From his mother,Dara, he learned to always believe in himself and to trust in the people he made with friends with. His sister, Enna, told him to alway respect his enemy and to always be happy and keep a clear mind because anger would cloud his jugdement and could cause him to do something he wouldn’t be proud of.

Growing up Von didn’t show must promise in sword-wielding, like many of the elven boys in his village did, but he excelled in archery. He was more of a quite kid and usually went with the flow of things and didn’t like to argue and tried to avoid fighting whenever possible. His closest friend growing up was Lia, which he cared about deeply. To him, she was one of the people who always kept him going when he felt down or lost. He later fell for her, unknowing that she had fallen for him long before, and he was never being able to express his feelings, but they remained close friends. Always having an interest in traveling and exploring what was outside their village. Von and Lia decide to take a journey to see lands outside their own and to see where they would end up. During travels with Lia, he was in the city Sidon and at the docks Lia was accosted by a man as he was returning from the vendors for supplies. A golden dragonborn with a mark on the left side of his chest stopped the man before it got too rough and picked him up pointing at him silently as if to say, “Don’t you dare” and threw the man into the river. Von rushed to him with Lia and they thanked him for his kindness naming him an honorable Dragonborn. He looked Von in the face and said, “The honor is not mine but Bahamut’s, and Io’s before him.” they asked how to repay him and he looked at Von directly and said, “ Do nothing for me but serve the God Bahamut who demands justice,” then to Lia “You needn’t repay me, it is my duty to protect you.” On the journey home Lia decided to go a different path in order to develope her skills as bard. Before she left, she gave Von a stone, she had enchanted with a forgotten spell she found during their many travels, that would glow pink as long as she was still alive, and would start to flicker (as if it were going out) when she was badly hurt. With their final goodbye’s they part ways.

When arriving home, Von was happily greeted by his family and village except his uncle, which he found strange. He explained why Lia wasn’t with him anymore and enjoyed telling them about his travels. This state of happiness was short-lived, however, because soon after he and his village were set upon by a band of mercenaries whom they found out, horrifically, were under his uncle’s command. He tried to reason with his uncle to stall the attack and discover the meaning behind this nefarious plot, but his uncle was too envelopped in his lust for power to take heed of the cries of mercy from his nephew. During the attack, he recieved a long gash on his left arm from trying to shield his mother and sister from his uncle. In a gambit to get his sister and mother away, he battled his uncle, but his uncle was a Warlord and his battle prowess outmatched Von heavily just due to size and strength, and the fact that Von wasn’t good with his morningstar and longbow solidified Von’s loss. Von, in his desparation to help his family, threw himself at Varis and accidentally landed on the tip of his sword, peircing him through the belly. “Well I’d hoped to capture you all but I guess what’s done is done,” his uncle remarked and left him for dead. Poor Von watched as they dragged his mother and sister away and when the pain became too much he passed out.

He reawoke with a pounding headache and found that he’d fallen near the village clerics hut. He dragged himself on his hands and knees to the hut and healed himself with first aid. He realized the severity of the situation as he saw the bodies of his friends lying in their blood all around him. He also discovered he had a talent as a healer, while healing himself. He vowed to return to his family and save them from this terrible fate. He started wandering and did so for two years until he fell flat on his face, faint from starvation, and a newly ordained cleric from the local monastery found him and took him in, nursing him back into health. The Monastery was called The Monastery of the Platinum Dragon, and remembering the golden dragonborn’s words he decided to become a cleric for the monastery. He worked hard learning the ways of te clerics and Bahamut and stayed there for ten years, honing his skills, while continually trying to find out anything about his uncle. At the present time he was sent to Lemrujase to give a message to one of the clerics at the Temple; an old friend of his long-time rival, Carric, the man who found him upon death’s door outside the monastery.

-Holy healer’s Morningstar
-Joyous Armor
-Pinning knife
-Phasing and Dual arrows
-Alchemical Launcher
-Resplendant boots
-Gloves of recovery
-Cannith goggles
-Amulet of elegy
-Alchemical failsafe
-Battle Standard of healing

Von Qayin

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