The Keystone

Murder in Lemrujase

Approximate Date: Spring, 600 B.C.



Most decent people in Lemrujase had already gone to bed for the night and the lamplighters had long ago passed to light the candles, but still you quickly made your way home, wary of the shadows falling short of the lamps. On your way home there is no one on the street, except for those who only conducted their business by the light of the moon. It was therefore a shock when, at the far end of the narrow back street, a very drunk man stumbled around the corner, staggering to keep his feet under him. Even in the dim lights you could easily tell by his rich dress that it was Governor Laban, another of the politicians for whom the words untrustworthy, backstabbing, and dishonest seemed to fall short of his true nature. He had no problems bleeding the poor for every last penny, doing whatever was necessary for him to stay in power, and to crush all of the little people beneath him. You can almost feel a sneer coming to your face as you watch him stumble and then pitch forward in the small street, lying in his vomit. Shaking your head, you take a few steps to continue on your way, when a man of tall and broad stature turns the corner at the far end of the street. Cautiously, you step into the shadows to keep from being noticed. The man immediately sees the governor lying unconscious in the street and seems as shocked as you were to find him there. The large man gets a far-away look in his eyes like he’s hearing something that you can’t. He shakes his head as if struggling internally, again staring into space just above the passed out man. His brow furrows deeply and his eyes take on a pained look, his shoulders sagging as he seems to have lost whatever argument he was having. Looking around to make sure that no one is around; he kneels next to the drunken man and draws out his sword. The sword of Laban is of exquisite quality, inlaid with jewels and gold. He takes the briefest of moments to admire the blade before gingerly reaching down to grasp the governor’s hair. His breathing increases as if he’s frightened of what he must do, his eyes look panicked. Then, with a silent growl, before he can talk himself out of it, he pulls back Laban’s head and chops it off with the sharp sword. He drops the head to the side, disgusted at himself and then begins to disrobe the body.

You can’t believe what you have just witnessed. You can understand why no one likes the pompous governor, but no one had ever dared to try and kill the man. Frightened that the large man might come after you next, you quietly and quickly leave the area, disturbed by what you’ve just witnessed. Internally you argue that you should hurry and inform the authorities, but if you do, there will be too many questions that you just don’t want to answer. You decide that none of this is your business. You’re tired, and the only thing you can think of is your bed, hoping that sleep will blunt the scene from your mind.

The next day the city is in an uproar over the death and subsequent robbery of Governor Laban. As well, one of his servants is missing and blame is being pinned on him for this heinous crime. You hold your tongue, trying not to get caught up in the conversations around you. Rumors abound of what happened, but you know that once the sensationalism wears off, this new scandal will be yesterday’s news.

A month goes by, but instead of the furor dying down, it only seems to be fanned by the family of Laban, who demand justice. They are investigating his murder in earnest, wondering how someone could have impersonated the governor, snuck into his house, and taken off with the sacred manuscript, which was of great value due to the brass the plates were inscribed on. The family is desperate to find any clues leading to the capture of anyone associated with the murder. They have no problems stooping to bribery, threats, and blackmail to find out what they need. You have never mentioned that you’d seen anything to anyone, but somehow you feel that you’re being closely watched. You wonder if they somehow suspect you and are following you, hoping that you’ll trip up?


As the sun was setting, a woman in black approached Saar, Tatsuya and Ojitar, all dragonborn, former guards to Laban. She spoke to them in hushed tones pleading with them to come to the pool of Siloam, in the Lower City of Lemrujase informing them of the danger of their own lives. The three talked amongst themselves and promised to only if they were allowed to bring their weapons, confident that they could survive an attack against their lives. She encourages them to bring their weapons

Then the woman appeared again, later, to an elven cleric named Von. She pleads with him to meet her that night. With his high level insight Von can tell she’s telling the truth without a check so he agrees readily.

She then appears to Raeya, the ranger and her white wolf. The ranger is distrusting and makes an insight check. Discovering she is telling the truth she reluctantly agrees to come but only with threats.

The people meet at the pool of Siloam and Saar greets his friends Raeya and Von, whole-heartedly lifting the female with ease off the ground as she affectionately calls him “dragonface” and then clapping the elf so hard on the back that he falls to the ground. He explains in simple terms to Tatsuya who they are.

The woman in black appears again and, casting away her hood reveals herself to be a githzerai and names herself Cassia. She then alerts them to the danger approaching. Someone knows they saw Laban’s death!! They draw their weapons and head into the fray. Tatsuya starts the defense by marking a foe inviting him to fight then slashing at another. The thugs attack Cassia and trap her in a corner and also Von! Tatsuya teleports next to Von and cleaves open the man’s head effectively killing him! Saar moves forward to protect Ojitar and Cassia and smacks someone in the head so hard he falls to his knees with a bloodied nose. Cassia then attacks the thug attacking Von from afar and cleanly dispatches him. The watchmen, there with the thugs move in on Raeya who dodges them narrowly. The watchman who fell to his knees at Saar’s hand stands up and strikes him putting a shallow gash in his side. The other watchman attacks Ojitar and hits him with a deeper wound. Ojitar lunges with a recuperating strike, beating him over and over in the skull and the man drops to the ground dead and the victory fills him with strength. Turning he runs away from the other man whom hits him in the back. Raeya marks her enemy to begin the hunt, and slashes the other watchman with her sword slaying him. Then she takes a step back from her enemy. Von rushes to help Cassia and fires the Lance of Faith and the thug narrowly dodges it.


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