Clan Tempest

Clan Tempest was a close knit group of Dragonborn who lived in a small town on the outskirts of the city of Gilead-Ramoth, a city just north of Lemrujase. This very honorable clan highly revered Bahamut as their deity, focusing their lives around their worship of the Platinum Dragon. Daily, they strove to be worthy of the gods’ blessings, honing themselves in spirit, body, and mind.

The brothers Saar and Tatsuya were born there as well as their friend Anwen. They all grew up revering Bahamut as well, Anwen even became a Paladin in his service. The brothers were inseparable fighters, but when they were 15, Tatsuya left on a quest to further explore the magical talent which seemed to be growing within him. While he was gone, Saar and Anwen grew much closer, but soon, the Platinum Dragon called Anwen away from the clan to serve him as well.

Life in the clan was quiet for a few years until a little Half-Elf girl named Raeya stumbled into the town half dead. The Tempest family took her in a cared for her, nursing her back to health. Once again Saar found himself with a companion with whom he could spend his time, training her survival skills. That was short-lived as well when Rat Men and their vermin attacked the clan. Raeya was too young to defend herself, so Saar’s father told him that she was his responsibility. The rats weren’t stronger, but their overwhelming numbers were enough to wipe out every member of the clan except for Saar (and of course Tatsuya and Anwen who were away).

His world destroyed, Saar did his best to help care for Raeya, but the nearby clans only saw him as a dishonorable failure who should have died defending his clan and not some half-breed (no matter what his father had commanded him to do). Saar was painfully branded a dishonor to Dragonborn everywhere and turned away from every clan. Since Clan Tempest is no more, it is relying on it’s last three members to bring honor to the clan and to raise it from the ashes.

Clan Tempest

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