This story begins in the Old World, in the large city of Lemrujase, where the characters live and work. The area struggles in these hard times where immoral leaders rule the city with an iron fist and where rumors of war run rampant. The characters are doing their best, going about their lives, just trying to survive, caught up in the drudgery of daily life. One evening, while on their way home, each of them witnesses the brutal murder of the governor of their section of city. Since he was one of the worst of the leaders and not a very well liked man, his death came as no surprise to any of them. Burdened by their own troubles, not wanting to get caught up in this new drama, hoping to remain unnoticed, they all pretended to have seen nothing and returned to their homes deciding that this was not their problem.

The next day the city was in an uproar over the death and subsequent robbery of the city official, but the group held their tongues, knowing that once the sensationalism wore off, this would all become yesterdays news.

It is now a month later and the governor’s family is still investigating his murder in earnest. The family is desperate to find any clues leading to the capture of anyone associated with the murder. The group has never mentioned what they saw to anyone, but somehow they feel that they’re being closely watched. They all wonder if someone suspects them.

The Keystone

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