The Keystone

Deeper into the SCC 1

Approximate Date: Spring, 600 B.C.


Burglar’s Gloves Cassia Study Found on Blademaster’s body
Gauntlet’s of Arcane Might Tatsuya Dining Room warn by wizard

Group 1

After being separated, the group on the ground floor of the hideout of the Secret Cabal of Cain began exploring hoping to find a way to locate their missing comrades. Raeya remembered the layout of the hideout better than she liked to remember from her time held captive here when she was younger. As the hallway they were in forked, she remembered that the left branch led to blood and suffering. The right branch led to an office, so they took that route.

The group found Dark Servants in the office and in the small room, they found it hard to fight melee fighters with their ranged attacks. Von stayed out of the room to keep the two bloodied women alive. Belyi Ogon actually chipped a tooth fighting one of the dark ones.

After killing off the Dark Servants, the ranged group on the first floor took time to look around the Office. Files on the desk and in the drawers detail the movements of Cult, hunting down bloodlines of Cain for blood rituals, especially among Elves. They detail those who have escaped (like Raeya Lamech) and their whereabouts. Upon learning this, Raeya began to freak out thinking that if the SCC were tracking her, then she had inadvertently put the whole group in danger. Cassia calmed her down and they moved on.

The hallway leads them to a Study. The group saw what they thought were servants putting books back on the shelves. Cassia wanted to attack, but Raeya argued that they could be innocents like she was. Von accidentally scraped the standard against the wall, drawing the attention of the women… who turned out to be Blademaster cabalists… who attacked.

After dispatching them, the group researches all of the information in this room. The books on the cases document the history of Cain and the lineage of his descendents. It is mentioned that Cain (or Qay’in in the old tongue) made secret agreements with Lucifer (now known as Tiamat) and became the first Master Mahan (Master of Secrets). It is later recorded that his descendant, Lamech also took on the title of Master Mahan.

Other paperwork indicates that the House of Laban ended up with the Records of Mahan, which detail the secret combinations of Cain. In the margins, it is noted that Sister Anwen would be acquiring them. Multiple documents on the desk are signed by Varis Qayin, Master Mahan… Von’s Uncle!

Group 2

The group of Dragonborn slid down a sloped, slippery tunnel and ended up in a heap of limbs at the bottom of it, any chance of stealth blown with the clattering of armor and weapons. As Ojitar, Saar, and Tatsuya extricated themselves, they found themselves at the door to a dining room. Some warriors had been having dinner, but when the intruders came crashing down the passage, they were armed and ready.

As the arrows began flying down the hall, they flattened themselves against the walls. They realized that their melee attacks would be of little use in such a large room against ranged fighters. The Barbarian and the Swordmage charged into the room, charging the warriors from the right and the left. Saar then charged up the middle, and knocked the center table onto the half-orc warrior leading the group. The other two Dragonborn charged smashed through the rest of the enemies and they all converged on the leader and killed him.

The group continued to explore, hoping to find a way to rejoin the rest of their group. They snuck up to the door in the western wall and peeked through. They found a well stocked kitchen with a couple of old scullery maids hard at work preparing food. After consulting, Tatsuya decided that he wanted to approach the maids and see if he could get some info from them. He quietly entered the room and approached one of the maids. He asked if she knew a way to the upper level or even where the leader of the cabal was. She looked at him funny, and then quickly transformed into a scary monster that looked like she was ready to bite off his face. Saar and Ojitar, seeing their comrade in trouble, rushed into the room and charged the doppelgangers, killing them to protect Tatsuya. With the shapechangers down, the three of them grab a bite to eat and inspect the rest of the kitchen, making sure that there is no other way out.

They returned to the dining room and took the norther doors. The hallway there, split, one hall leading to a room, another branching off to end at a dead end at a statue of Cain. Saar was about to head further down the final hall, when he bumped into the wall, his scale mail making a lot of noise. Tatsuya, who was standing near the laboratory heard things moving around inside in response to Saar’s noise.



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