• Ojitar


    Dragonborn Barbarian
  • Raeya Lamech

    Raeya Lamech

    A half-elf ranger with a white wolf companion and a whole lotta attitude. ;)
  • Saar Tempest

    Saar Tempest

    This dragonborn fights as a warden. His world has been thrown into chaos with the discovery of Anwen's betrayal and the truth behind his past.
  • Tatsuya Tempest

    Tatsuya Tempest

    A Dragonborn warrior trained in the arts of swordmaging; escaped from Khellendros and is on the run from an angry dragon...
  • Von Qayin

    Von Qayin

    An elven cleric of the dragon-God Bahamut, who seeks to reunite with his family and his lost, beautiful elf-maiden.