Dragonborn Barbarian


Ojitar is a Black Dragonborn. He has a fascination with the dead. This fascination started with his grandfathers death. Ranorubus was a honorable Dragonborn known for his bravery and honor. He was killed by a passing gang of thugs known as the Cabal. Seeking Help to avenge his Grandfather, he sought out Khellendros, the dragon god that his clan worshiped, though he did not worship him himself. Upon his first attempt to find the dragons cave, he meets another Dragonborn like himself. His name is Tatsuya. Ojitar, Being rather socially backward, is fascinated by Tatsuya’s tales of travel. After becoming close friends, Tatsuya proposed the thought that Khellendros was not a god but a mortal being that could be slain. Ojitar, wanting to see the world after being entranced by Tasuya’s Recounts of distant lands, helped Tatsuya to be free from his slave bonds and escape with Ojitar.

After traveling the Earth for 7 years. Tatsuya and Ojitar meet another Dragonborn named Saar at a Inn on the small village of Chacremish. Saar told them a sad, woeful tale of how he was dishonored


The Keystone Ojitar