Secret Cabal of Cain

A secret cult lurking in the shadows, causing all sort of chaos and mischief.

Led by Master Mahan, the Secret Keeper, this organization is dedicated to protecting and spreading the Secret Combinations begun by Cain when he made promises with Lucifer to kill his brother Abel. Outwardly they claim to worship Tiamat, but Master Mahan knows that their true god is Lucifer himself.

They have recently stolen the secret writings of their cabal from the House of Laban during the confusion caused by Nephi. They plan to use these writings to spread secret combinations in the New World. They have targeted Mulek, the easily-influenced son of King Zedekiah that they plan to help escape the Babylonian attack so that he can take the writings with him.

Some known members are:
Varis Qayin – A very influential elven leader who betrayed his tribe and kidnapped his sister and her daughter. As part of the bloodline of Cain their blood powers many of the dark rites that the Cabal performs. The two work as slaves, but at times they are put into a stupor and blood stolen from them.

Anwen – A misguided Dragonborn female who believes in her beloved’s dream of reuniting Bahamut and Tiamat into the god Io. The Cabal convinced her that the balance between the followers of Bahamut and Tiamat were out of balance, thus impeding the resurrection of Io. To prove her worth, she hired the Rat Men who overran and killed Clan Tempest, but it was her hand that kept Saar form being killed, unbeknownst to him. She is the one who stole the secret writings from the House of Laban and believes that in those writings there is a way for her and Saar to join and become the avatar that the god Io will be reborn into.




Secret Cabal of Cain

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