The Keystone

Deeper into the SCC 2

Approximate Date: Spring, 600 B.C.


Learning Longbow Raeya Well Found on one of Raiders
Hungry Spear Ojitar Laboratory Found in corner of room

They find a room with a magic circle. Two arcane creatures Lie waiting for them and Saar has made too much noise to escape unnoticed!!! The battle ensues!!! They defeat the enemies and find a hungry spear for Ojitar. they Find notes on tale trying to fuse demonic power with beasts to create super soldiers. They have been scrying Mulek the son of King Zedekiah and are secretly going to help them escape from Lemrujase a day before the attack heading towards the port of Sidon. The Cabal Had something to do with Mulek’s escape (See Helaman 8:21).

They go back down the hall to take a look at the demonic statue. It is…just a statue. Walking down the hall Tatsuya notices nozzles in the wall and pushing his sword forward the hall bursts into flames. Tatsuya gets through with minimal damage and ojitar a little more. Saar dies…disintegrates….



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