The Keystone

End of SCC, For Now

Approximate Date: Spring, 600 B.C.



With the death of Varis and his satanic priests, the group was able to heal up. While Saar dressed, he told his brother Tatsuya the sad tale of Anwen. As he finished his recital, everyone (except for Ojitar, who was still reeling from his numerous wounds) heard a strange slurping sound. As the group followed the strange noise, they saw a serpent, seemingly made of blood, sucking from the spilled blood of Varis. Feeling eyes upon it, the creature, ceased feeding, turned, hissed, and then lunged for the locked door, and slipped through the small gap beneath the door.


Von finished healing Ojitar and Raeya as the twins rushed the door, unable to unlock it. With a psionic push from Cassia, the bolt slid open from the opposite side and the group piled into the hallway. The serpent creature, which someone nicknamed Bloodfyre, had left behind a slight bloody residue down the hallway, so following it wasn’t difficult. What was troublesome, was the dormitories of warriors lining either side of the hallway, and the group hadn’t been silent.

Battle drew them into the first dormitory, where, after defeating the cultists, they found some gold, but also a large lever in the corner which seemed to unlock something further down the hall.

As the group entered the 2nd set of doors, Cassia wondered why the group wasn’t following Bloodfyre’s trail, but before anyone could answer, the group was attacked by more cultists (though, that didn’t keep her from muttering a rude reply to herself under her breath). In this dorm room, they also found more gold and another large lever.

When they returned to the hallway, and followed the trail to a large set of double doors, they found what the large levers had unlocked. But the creature they were chasing had already slipped beneath the doors. The group threw the doors open, ready to rush in… but as they did, they found that they led to glowing blue portal. The bloody trail led right through the portal. Upon further inspection, the group was able to ascertain that it was a one-way portal so after stepping through, there would be no coming back. They all looked to see if anyone was in disagreement, but everyone had the same resigned look, so they stepped through.

The world blurred around them, and a feeling of nausea assailed them, but as it passed, they found themselves in an alley leading to a busy street in a large city. The city of Sidon. Finding their prey had just become a whole lot more difficult!



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