The Keystone

Finding the SCC

Approximate Date: Spring, 600 B.C.


Battle Standard of Healing Von Entryway to SCC Hideout Used by Wizard

After hours of searching, the group had finally found the secret entrance to the hideout of the Secret Cabal of Cain. The group quietly snuck in and found a long, winding hallway that had been carved out of the stone under the mountain. The hallway ended at stairs that led down into a semi-circular room. They hadn’t been quiet enough and they found that the entry room was very well guarded.

A short and slightly pudgy female mage plants a battle standard in the ground near her, and Von can feel power emanating from it. As the group steps into the room, they realize that the torches lighting it are behind them, making them prime targets as sneaks attack them from the shadows. The group splits up, taking down the wizard first and then the other guards with her. Von makes sure not to leave the staff behind and finds that it will enhance his healing.

As the group enters the hallway beyond, with Ojitar, Saar, and Tatsuya leading the way, suddenly the floor gives way beneath them, dumping the three heavy Dragonborn down a shaft. The other three, Cassia, Raeya, and Von aren’t heavy enough together to get the trap door to open for them. The group has now been split up…



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