Letter to Von

My Dearest Von,

Bright sun and clear paths to you my beloved! Please understand that each word I pen tears out a little more of my heart… but I must explain my actions.

After you and I parted, you to follow your heart and I had a chance encounter with the Templars. They sensed the purity of my heart and invited me to join them. I spent many moons training with them, learning from them and also teaching from my stores of knowledge. The more I got to know this group, I was allowed to learn at the feet of their Prophet, Jeremiah. He taught from the books known as “the Law”, the books written by Moses. He also taught from the writings of another prophet, named Isaiah, who prophesies of the coming Messiah. On some deep level, I feel as if I’ve known these teachings from long ago… maybe in a previous life, they resonate deeply within my soul. They also mirror the teachings of Bahamut, whom I’ve mentioned is known as Jehovah in this religion. I have been baptized into the fold and readily accepted their teachings. I pray that you may some day have the chance to study them, and pray about their veracity as well!

The Templars are devoted to rooting out evil and fighting the followers of Satan (or Tiamat as you know it). There are many prophecies concerning the pride of this people, and Jeremiah has spent countless hours crying repentance unto the people of Lemrujase… but in vain. As you have seen, the fall of the city to the Babylonians has long been foretold. On top of this, your uncle’s insidious tendrils seem to be intermingled with all of this. The secret cabal where he serves as the Master Mahon has helped bring about the fall of this great city. But there is more to it. His agents have stolen secret records of Cain, the first son of Adam and Eve and are planning to use their unholy writings for some, as of yet, undiscovered treachery.

I have spent many hours staring at my ring, wondering where you are at that moment. When I heard that you were working in Lemrujase I wanted to run to you to have the chance to see you again, but Jeremiah warned me against this. He explained that he had seen a prophecy regarding you and those you now travel with. He told me that you all are predestined to walk a path that will bring you to an unknown continent and will span many more years than a being should normally see. He warned me to lock my heart and to fulfill my destiny, but also to accept that this will probably be the last time that I’ll see you. You have a destiny to fulfill and a great evil to try and stop. As much as I love you, I know that I don’t dare hold you back for the betterment of the world. “It is better that one person should die in vain, than a whole world should suffer and dwindle in unbelief.” A great man told me that before he left Lemrujase with his family… and I know deep in my heart that he is right.

Please stay the path. Stay true to the covenants that you have made. Never forget my love and know that my heart belongs to you alone!

- Forever with Love

Letter to Von

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